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A few words about us


The story of our company starts in the year 1985 in Thessaloniki, Northern Greece, with our founder Mr. Iordanis Sidiropoulos.

We are a human force distinguished for our deep belief in high principles and timeless values, our experience – know-how and their high professionalism.

Today, we are the largest insurance mediation company in Thessaloniki with many awards and successes under our belt.

People are always front and center for us. We listen to their insurance needs, analyze, investigate, and propose the perfect and most beneficial insurance solution for them, their family, or business.

We desire personal communication, cooperation and forming interpersonal relationships, the complete satisfaction of the insurance needs of our customers, responsibly taking on the coverage of each of their insurance risks.

We promise to work just as hard, having as our main concern:

  • An excellent quality of insurance services,
  • Proposals of the best possible financial solutions,
  • A high level of customer service,
  • And an immediate response to the high expectations of those who trust us.

Always there for you, for more than 36 years, offering the most useful and comprehensive insurance solutions,

Ensuring your future, each and every day!

“Offering the most useful and comprehensive insurance solutions for more than 36 years, ensuring a safe future.”


It is our vision…

to continue to be a leading player in the insurance market by offering our clients insurance services of the highest quality.

We strive for continuous development:

  • by utilizing our existing expertise, experience and know-how .
  • by bringing in valuable new human resources to our company, the best investment for tomorrow!

Our principles

Our love and respect for people, their needs and well-being
Our honesty and sincerity
Our passion for our work
Humility, which forces us to work together and to put “we” before “I”
Responsible operation with high business ethics and integrity
Our willingness to help as a key pillar of our work
Our collaborative nature
The stability to walk 36 years with confidence and optimism, always with a steady gaze into the future

Our mission

To help people achieve their goals, continue to prosper, and remove every obstacle, ensuring a smooth course for their lives.

We invest time in building interpersonal relationships, relationships of mutual respect and trust.

We listen, investigate, analyze, and study your insurance needs in depth, offering insurance packages that perfectly meet your needs.

We design and propose the best solutions:

  • focusing on the quality of service provided
  • an affordable price
  • the impeccable service
  • which directly result in capital gains and significant benefits for our clients
  • we honor the seriousness of our role and the precious mission we carry out

Going strong for 36 years and counting.

Insurance Services in Thessaloniki since 1985



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